WHOLESALE Rental Agreement

Thank you for choosing Luxe Fête Social. We take pride in allowing our clients to experience flawless dinner party experiences. In order to better serve you, we kindly request you read and abide by the policies disclosed on this agreement.

Service  Terms  -  Unless  otherwise  stated  in  the  contract,  the  following  terms  apply  to  all  orders.  All contracted items are rentals.  As  the  client,  it  is  your  responsibility  to  ensure  the  proper  condition  and prompt return of  all rental items. A signed Rental Agreement is required from each client for each order. All clients are required to provide a credit card to be kept on file and Luxe Fete Social, Inc is authorized to process said card in the event that damage or loss occurs to items on the associated rental order.

Payment - Orders placed within 30 days of the dinner party must be paid in full upon confirmation by Luxe Fete Social.  Orders placed more than 30 days before the dinner party must pay a 50% deposit upon confirmation with the remaining 50% deposit to be paid 30 days before the dinner date. 

Changes - Any changes to an existing order must be made 10 days before the dinner date.

Cancellations/Refunds  -  Dinner  cancellation  notice  must  be  given  in  writing  via  email  to info@luxefetesocial.com prior to 16 days before the dinner date to qualify for a refund. If notice is given in less than 16 days before the dinner date, all services and products are non refundable with equivalent credit issued to reschedule on an available date.

Review Orders - Upon delivery please verify that the items previously delivered match the packing list and your contract.  In  the  event  that  you  are  missing  a  contracted  item,  please  contact  our  office immediately.  If   you  receive  an  item  that  is  damaged  and/or  stained,  please  take  a  photo  of   the  item clearly  indicating  the  damage.  Contact  our  office  immediately  to  request  a  replacement  item  and  to document the condition in which you received the item to release your liability for damage fees.

Local Deliveries - Your table setting rental order will be delivered the business day before your dinner and picked  up  the  business  day  after  your  dinner.  For  example,  if   your  dinner  is  on  a  Saturday  or  a Sunday, your rental items will be delivered on Friday and picked up on a Monday. If your dinner is on a Monday, your rental items will be delivered on Friday and picked up on Tuesday. You have two options for delivery/pick up window. 8:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m. or 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Late and Missing Item - Not returning the items on time may result in a late fee of up to three times (3x) the retail price. You will be notified of missing items once your initial return has been received, and a missing/replacement invoice will be issued at the time of this notice. Please contact us if you find anymissing items that were not returned with your initial shipment. Failure to return items deemed missing from  your  shipment  within  5  business  days  of   the  scheduled  delivery  will  result  in  the  charge of the missing/replacement fee to your credit card on file. 

Damaged  Items  -  Luxe  Fête  Social  Damage  Protection  Plan,  which  covers  damages  (such  as  that caused by mold, candle wax, burns, stains, breakage etc) to rental items on a per-order basis is mandatory for Wholesale Clients.

The  Damage  Protection  Plan  costs  4.5%  of   the  total  dinner  order  (pre-tax  and  delivery  fees).  The Damage  Protection  Plan  covers  up  to  25%  of   the  total  amount  of   the  dinner  order  in  damages.  Any damages that exceed 25% of the dinner invoice will be charged to the credit card on file. (i.e: For a $1,000 dinner order, a protection fee of $45 (4.5%) will cover up to $250 in damage charges). Missing or Lost items (including items not timely returned to Luxe Fête Social) are not covered by the Damage Protection Plan and will be charged at three times (3x) the retail price. Should you choose to decline the purchase of the Damage Protection Plan, damaged items will be charged at three times (3x) the retail price. You will be notified of damaged items once your return has been processed, and a damage/replacement invoice will be issued at the time of this notice. The amount will be charged to the credit card on file, which has been provided for damages and incidentals. 

I certify that I understand and accept the policies on this agreement, applicable to all outstanding and future  contracts  without  exception,  effective  today  and  for  the  duration  of   the  business relationship between Luxe Fête Social and the Client specified below.