Balloon Garland Instructions

Your Balloon Garland can be assembled 1 day before your event. Plan to spend about 2 hours assembling it. Do not inflate by mouth. YOU MUST STRETCH THE BALLOONS BEFORE INFLATING.

Garland Assembly

Measure the desired length of balloon tape, leaving a few notches at the beginning and the end so you can use this space to affix to your preferred location. 

Plug the balloons into the balloon tape holes. Insert the balloon knot through the big hole and then slide it to the small hole. You can create whatever pattern you want with the balloons and even skip some knots. It’s an organic process and will look great however you decide to add the balloons.

Use the glue dots to keep balloons together. You can also use the glue dots to create balloon clusters. (Pink and blue balloons below are used to easily show glue dots - your balloon kit only has clear and silver balloons).

Attaching the Garland

TA-DA! Once your balloon garland is full, use a hook on your wall to attach the garland. A Command Hook works as well (not included).