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Mission Statement

 It is our mission to make the joys of connecting over a beautiful setting, great food, and stimulating conversation easily accessible in the privacy of your own home.

Company Overview


 Luxe Fête Social is a luxurious in-home dinner party rental experience unlike any other. We’re bringing the art of the dinner party back with ONE click.

 Developed by international celebrity event planner, Nathalie Cadet-James of Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio, Luxe Fête Social invites consumers to host the luxurious in-home dinner party of their dreams without the lift of a finger. No set up, no serving, no cooking, no breakdown – leave the hassle to Luxe Fête Social.

 Consumers may choose one of six creatively crafted stories and watch it come alive through the inclusion of a private chef, gourmet food, a butler, designer table settings, fresh flowers, centerpiece décor, personalized name cards and menus, a music playlist and conversation starters – for a price that won’t make you cringe. 

We’re Bringing the Dinner Party Back! Why, you ask?

  1. Growing Social Disconnection: Technology has rendered us disconnected. The dinner table is where connections are made and communities are built, bringing the world closer together one meal at a time.

  2. Rising Standard: With cooking reality shows like Masterchef and Chopped the ratings on TV, our appetite for food has never been healthier.

  3. Focus on Hosting: Hiring a chef and butler removes all of the stress of the dinner preparation, freeing one up to be a relaxed and fun host for guests.

  4. Enjoying Special Occasions: Birthdays, Anniversaries and Celebrations are moments when one wants great food, wine and the company of others.

  5. Mixing It Up: By hosting a private dinner, one gets to try something they would not usually experience at home. This variety is why most people go to restaurants.

  6. Privacy is a Premium: Private dining in your own home, prepared by a private chef cannot be matched in quality or experience.

  7. Inflated Wine Prices: A person who appreciates good wine will know how much more expensive a good bottle will cost at a restaurant. In many cases, wine can cost more than your meal.

  8. Luxury of Time: Designing and setting up a thoughtful dinner table is time consuming. Our curated stories make it easy, they’re immediately Instagram worthy!


Meet The Team

Nathalie Cadet-James

Nathalie Cadet-James

Nathalie Cadet-James is the Founder and CEO of Luxe Fête Social. Nathalie began her professional career as a Federal Law Clerk and Attorney, working her way through Miami’s Top Law Firms for eight years. Today, with over a decade of experience as an International Event Planner and Designer, the nationally and internationally published luxury experience guru holds the many hats of wife, mother, philanthropist and now, two-time CEO.

Peter Key

Peter Key

Peter Key is the Chief Operating Officer at Luxe Fête Social. Functioning as a guru in the world of logistics and operations, Peter boasts over 15 years of experience in the Food and Beverage Operations industry. The former Director of Operations of a multi-million dollar catering company utilizes his vast international experience to fuel his passion for building teams and protocols on a daily basis.


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