Q: Is Luxe Fête Social a catering company?

A: No, Luxe Fête Social is not a catering company. We are an in-home private dining service that also facilitates table settings, private chef, and butler in addition to delicious, gourmet food through our preferred vendors. We’re bringing you the dinner party of your dreams with the click of a button!

Q: How many people can I host at my dinner party?

A: Luxe Fête Social accommodates parties of 8 to 24. Parties larger than 24 may contact our SVP of Culinary directly at info@luxefetesocial.com.

Q: Can I have a Luxe Fête Social dinner party at a venue that is not my home?

A: Yes, absolutely. Luxe Fête Social can deliver to homes, offices or third party venues.

Q: Does the dinner come with wine and spirits?

A: No. Our dinner service does not include wine and spirits. However, at an additional cost, our customers can add on our suggested wine and spirit pairings from our preferred vendor.


A: Our farm to table ingredients for your gourmet dinner, will be shipped to your home in a climate controlled box the day before your dinner party.  Just bring it into your home or kitchen. That’s it! No need to unpack the box.  The following day, your chef and butler will take it from there, unpack and create culinary magic for your guests. 

Q: Does Luxe Fête Social provide flowers for my story setting?

A: Each story comes with a floral or green arrangement. The containers must be returned with your rental order, but you are free to keep the flowers/greens.

Q: Myself or my guests have dietary restrictions, can Luxe Fête Social accommodate?

A:  Absolutely, Luxe Fête Social offers vegetarian and gluten free alternatives. Check our menu for options.

Q: Can I change any of the menu offerings?

A: While we are unable to offer any substitutions, please feel free to ask your chef to withhold any ingredients.

Q: What is the clean up and breakdown process like?

A: Your butler will both clean up and breakdown all Luxe Fête Social items provided through the story of your choice. Hands free for you!

Q: What is the delivery process like?

A: Your table setting rental order will be delivered the business day before your dinner and picked up the business day after your dinner. For example, if your dinner is on a Saturday or a Sunday, your rental items will be delivered on Friday and picked up on a Monday. If your dinner is on a Monday, your rental items will be delivered on Friday and picked up on Tuesday. You have two options for delivery/pick up window. 8:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m. or 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Your chef and butler will arrive for the dinner with the food three hours before the first course is served.

Q: Do I need a specific size table to use Luxe Fête Social?

A: Yes. Our table settings are designed to fit on either (a) rectangular tables that are 8 feet long by 48 inches wide or (b) round tables that are 72 inch in diameter. If your table is smaller, all table setting items will not fit on the table. You can of course decide not to set the table with some of the items.

Q: I don’t have the right size table or enough chairs. Can I rent them from Luxe Fête Social?

A: Yes. We facilitate the renting of the right size tables and chairs for your convenience. You can rent tables and chairs with your order.

Q: Will I need special Cooking equipment or ingredients for the Private Chef?

A:  The private chef will bring all the food that is necessary to prepare your meal. You will need to have an oven, (not microwave), a two burner stove, a minimum two-3 quart pots, one sauté pan no less than 10" in diameter. A well maintained kitchen is also appreciated.

Q: I have no idea how to set up a formal dinner setting, can Luxe Fête Social help me?

A: Not only can we help you, but your butler will set it up for you. You’re more than welcome to sit back, take note and just be a host.

Q: I love the chargers, plates, glasses and dinnerware! Where can I buy them?

A: We are pleased to offer several of our custom curated items for sale on our marketplace. Visit www.LuxeFeteSocial.com/marketplace for more details.

Q: How far in advance must I book my reservation with Luxe Fête Social?

A: Dinner parties must be booked 14 days before the dinner date. 

Q: Am I charged in full once I place my order?

A: All orders are pending until confirmed by Luxe Fete Social within 24 hours or the next business day of placing order. Orders placed within 30 days of the dinner party will be charged in full upon confirmation.  Orders placed more than 30 days before the dinner party will be charged a 50% deposit upon confirmation with the remaining 50% deposit to be charged 30 days before the dinner date. 

Q: I’m suddenly expecting more people than I originally planned. How can I make changes to my order?

A: Any changes to an existing order must be made 10 days before the dinner date.  We will not be able to make changes to an existing order within 10 days of your dinner party.

Q: I need to cancel my dinner, can I get a refund?

A: Dinner cancellation notice must be given in writing via email to info@luxefetesocial.com prior to 16 days before the dinner date to qualify for a refund. If notice is given in less than 16 days before the dinner date, all services and products are non refundable with equivalent credit issued to reschedule on an available date. 

Q: What if i break something?

A: We offer an optional Damage Protection Plan, which covers damages to rental items. If you would like to opt in to the Damage Protection Plan for your order, 4.5% of the total dinner order (pre-tax and delivery fees) will be added to the overall invoice and protect you from up to 25% of the total amount of the dinner order in damages.  Lost items (or items not timely returned to Luxe Fête Social)  are not covered by the Damage Protection Plan and will be charged at three times (3x) the retail price.

Q: If I opt for the additional wine and alcohol option, will the butler serve and handle both?

A: Our butlers will happily serve table side wine and make sure that glass is always full! As for alcohol, we recommend mixing your own drinks or we are happy to add a bartender to your dinner for an additional fee.