The Ultimate Birthday Dinner Party

It’s ya birthday, it’s ya birthday, we gon’ party like its ya birthday! And this year - after everything we have been through- your birthday is one to celebrate. And what is better than getting your intimate crew together for a dinner party? (This is a rhetorical question, there is literally nothing better.)

First, start with your guest list. Invite your intimate squad because this birthday is going to be one you’ll never forget! Next, order your Luxe Fête Social Dinner Party In A Box with everything you need to set the table beautifully. You don’t have time to pick and choose charger plates, with matching entree plates and getting glassware, and we know you want this to be effortless. 

And don’t forget to add in our Party Kit, complete with balloons and confetti (coming soon). We will have a video on our website to set up both your table and balloons (you know we’ve got you). Keep the party live and the products shatterproof, that’s what we’re about!

Next, think about the food/ What’s your favorite? Will you have a chef? That’s all that matters. After the party, just toss our products in the dishwasher and put them away until the next cause for celebration

And one last thing, ENJOY YOUR NIGHT! We know this will be one no guest or host could ever forget.

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