The Secret To Hosting An Intimate Event At Home

There’s truly nothing better than dining at home in an intimate setting with your closest of friends. The secret weapon is preparing both your home and dinner ahead of time. Here are some additional items to consider:

Find out your guest’s allergies ahead of time. This way everyone can get served the same meal without any worry from you as a host or from your guests.

Consider who to invite, pick your guest limit based on your space, and keep in mind some people will ask to bring a guest.

Prepare certain dishes the night before, or even a day or two in advance. Good options for this are desserts, dips that can be frozen, and salad (without dressing), casseroles, and even marinating meats. If you prefer, hire a private chef.

If you will be putting name cards out at your dinner party (which we hope you do since our “dinner party in a box” comes with name cards and a fun paint pen), think about who you’re placing next to whom and be strategic! Give people the opportunity to learn about someone new. Our conversation starters will make that so easy.

Use an amazing dinner party music playlist (yup - we have those too in our boxes)

Make sure there is enough space between chairs so guests feel comfortable. 

Set your table the night before your intimate event, or if you will be hosting outside, unpack your “dinner party in a box” so you can grab and place items with ease. This is helpful to ensure you have everything you need and to save time on the day of.

Delegate! If someone offers to bring a dish and that would make your life easier, accept the offer. They’re your friends for a reason and they are happy to help in any way they can!

Lastly, ENJOY! You are officially the Hostess with the Mostess.

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