The Guide To Outdoor Dining

As we say here at Luxe Fête Social, your dinner party goes where you go! Dining outdoors is a great way to experience a beautiful, intimate meal with the best environment possible. The key to outdoor dining is being prepared and packing everything you need before venturing out for your meal. We make it easy for the basics, our “dinner party in a box" includes:

  • Custom Designed Centerpiece Decor
  • Durable Plastic Charger Plates
  • Custom Designed Melamine Plates
  • Quality PC Glasses (Shatterproof)
  • Stylish Stainless Steel Flatware
  • Preserved Natural Arrangements (where applicable)
  • Acrylic Name Cards for Personalization
  • Paint Pen to Personalize Name Cards
  • Light Gauze Table Runner (where applicable)
  • Light Gauze Napkins
  • Napkin Rings (where applicable)
  • Candles
  • Curated Spotify Music Playlists

Here are a few notes we recommend for dining outdoors:

Buy or use a basket. Carrying items is so much easier when they’re all packed in the same place, that way you’re not carrying 20 bags from your car or home to your dining spot.

Finding a spot with a table (or bringing your own). You can even dine in the grass and use the tablecloth as your table. This is total Boho Picnic Vibes

Pack Light. If you’ll be walking for some time before settling into your dining spot, consider how many beverages or heavy meal options you’ll be needing — these pack some unexpected weight in your basket.

Think of the time of day. You may need to bring some additional lighting if you’ll be dining around sunset.

Bring extra napkins. This is always a must when dining outdoors because things tend to get messier if you’re seated on the grass.

Bring a speaker. Setting the vibe for dining outdoors is a must!

Luxe Fête Social is a dinner party in box that turns your ordinary picnic into a luxury picnic. Truly effortless outdoor entertaining.

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