The Guide for Entertaining at Home

When it comes to entertaining, I have A LOT I can share. As the CEO and Founder of Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio, I have seen and heard it all and I am happy to dish the facts on how to host like a pro.

You don’t need the biggest dining space to entertain. Hosting is all about enjoying food and friends – there’s nothing better than a great meal surrounded by great people, especially over a few glasses of wine!

Keep the menu as stress-free as possible. We recommend keeping the food seasonal and simple to make cooking as stress-free as humanly possible. It’s easy to search for “best dinner recipes ever” and find yourself stressed about preparing foie gras and souffle, but over the years we’ve learned not to try anything too new and adventurous – cooking dishes you’re familiar with means you’ll actually relax and spend time with your friends during your dinner party.

Sharing dishes is the best option. It’s so fun to pop the dishes in the middle of the table for everyone to dig in (again and again). This allows for a more relaxed, intimate atmosphere that really feels like family. Also, who wants to do more dishes? Pro Tip: Prepare as much as you can ahead of time. You always want to feel at your best when cooking and prepping in advance, where you can, will make things much simpler. This will also eliminate a last-minute panic. If you really want to do more, consider a private chef.

A few simple décor elements can bring your tablescape to the next level. Placing fresh florals on the table or fun and artisanal candle holders add flare and personality to your home, and your aesthetic. We put so much thought into our dinner party in a box to make sure this is effortless for you. Everything you need to set the table beautifully is in your box.

Personalized name cards make your guests feel special. These can be anything from a small paper name card, something fun like a leaf, or our personal favorite an acrylic holder. We often use a gold or silver pen to write on the name cards instead of a day-to-day pen, which is a fun and cheap way to add a personal touch that looks high end. 

Lastly, set the mood before your guests arrive. Light some candles, put on your Luxe Fête Social curated playlist of your choice and you’ll be ready to entertain.

Enjoy. Connect. Put away the phone. Laugh. Eat. Love.

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