Tablescape Design — How To Create The Perfect Table Setting

Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for fresh ideas or a first-time dinner party host, this guide is for you! We’re going to walk you through how to craft the perfect tablescape that will give your guests (and you) goosebumps. First off, you first-time hosts may be wondering, “What is a tablescape?” To put it simply, a tablescape refers to that combination of your table’s centerpiece and place settings, or the overall decoration of your table. A tablescape is meant to elevate an entertaining experience and tie all elements together in a gorgeous aesthetic.

Step 1: Think About Your Event

Are you celebrating something? Having a casual get together? Is it more formal? Will you be serving buffet style? Passing around meal options? Most importantly, how many guests will you be having? Do you have adequate lighting (this is important when thinking about a darker or lighter color scheme)?

Step 2: Find Your Inspiration

Think about a pattern, color or vibe that you’d like to focus on, then scan Pinterest and Instagram for a look you love! Inspiration doesn’t have to come from something that has been done before, have fun with it. You can be inspired by a season, a place, a holiday or even a person or icon.

Step 3: Gather The Necessities

First, think of the basics:

Charger plates, entree plates, salad plates, bread & butter plates, silverware, wine glasses, water glasses, a table runner & table cloth

Then, think of your décor:

Additional glassware (if needed), candlesticks, candles, serveware, vases, staple elements, napkin rings & name cards

Lastly, add some life:

Flowers & greenery (these can be faux or real)

*Good thing a Luxe Fête Social “dinner party in a box” comes with all of these elements (and more) so you don’t have to worry about shopping around for matching items! I have designed events featured in the top publications in the world. And now have literally put it in a box for you.

Step 4: Set The Table

Start with a blank canvas, with nothing at all on your table. Then, build with your base. Place the tablecloth on the table, followed by the table runner. Next, place your chargers and top them with your entree plates. Then, place your salad plates and bread and butter plates. Next, place your silverware, followed by your glassware. Then, assemble your napkins within your napkin rings and place them on your entree plates. Lastly, place your decor elements. And voila! Your table is set, your guests are on their way, the food is in the oven and you are well on your way to becoming the host with the most!


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