Dinner Party Tips: Stuff Not To Forget Pt. 2

Charcuterie board via www.nutritiouseats.com

I am often asked, "What else should I be doing while prepare for my dinner party?"  Delighted to share more dinner party tips from our Luxe Fête archives:

  • Move furniture to create walkable spaces.
  • Provide your guests with directions the night before.
  • “So, What Should We Bring?” - “Wine” is always a good answer to this classic pre-dinner party question.
  • Keep a water pitcher on the table so guests may serve themselves an extra glass when needed.
  • Hors d'oeuvre are a great thought for when guests first arrive (we recommend creating a charcuterie board — it’s fun, easy and super Instagrammable!).
  • Cook from the heart (or just order your favorite take out and plate it, we won’t tell).

It's the little things that make all the difference! And most of it can be planned in advance. Le Sigh. 

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