Best Dinner Party Outfit Ideas

[Disclaimer - I like to go BIG]. The table is set, the menu is booked and the guests have all confirmed. Luxe Fête Social has everything taken care of in terms of your tabletop, but the most important thing is still undecided – THE outfit! Yes, THE outfit. THE look that’s going to say, “What’s up dinner party ensemble, I’m here, I’ve arrived and yes, I look good.”

If you don’t have THE dinner party outfit yet, don’t get your bread sticks in a twist – we’re here to help! We’ve searched near and far and, as experts, we’re going to give you the dish on exactly what you should wear to a dinner party.


For men, it’s easy. The dinner jacket was made for the dinner party. It’s like Sonny and Cher or Will and Jada, they just go together and it’s perfect and if anyone ever tried to mess with it we’d cry. Whether the dinner party is located indoors or outside, a dinner jacket fits right in. Tailored means you never go wrong. 


Ladies, we’re up. First, it’s important to keep in mind that dinner parties can be indoors, outdoors or both, so always keep in mind that, in planning your outfit, a jacket is always your best friend. Try bridging the gap where designer meets comfortable and casual meets elegance. Have fun with it, after all you’re in good company! Winter is right around the corner, so dress for the season. A cute dress with heels and a blazer or sweater works perfectly for dinner parties. Right now, animal print, leather, thigh high boots and transparent plastics are on trend. With fashion, be classy or be casual, but most importantly be yourself! I am so obsessed with Cherubina dresses. Honestly, all perfect. 

At a dinner party, you’re seated most of the time, so this is the perfect time to craft your hair and makeup on fleek. Have fun with yourself and enjoy the process of making yourself feel beautiful. Try that super complex eye shadow design you saved to your Instagram collection, or curl your hair like Jlo because you just LOVED her new music video. If you start the dinner process having fun, you’ll be on your way to having the night of your life!

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