5 Reasons You Will Love Luxe Fête Social for your private dinner party

Luxe Fete Social Dinner.jpg

We’ve summed up five reasons why hosting a private dinner in the comfort of your home with Luxe Fête Social creates the memories of a lifetime.

 1.     High Expectations

It’s no shocker that with Instagram worthy food shots and climbing food show ratings that the standards for a meal are borderline artwork. With that being said, not every host has time to cook a meal to perfection and carefully craft a basil leaf into the Mona Lisa as a garnish. In addition to providing you with a custom curated designer table setting, we facilitate the private chef that takes all takes all that stress away and makes your dinner party more enjoyable for YOU

2.     Hosts Want to Enjoy Themselves Too

Guests attending dinner parties know they’re in for a treat. They sit down, relax, drink delicious wine, indulge in incredible food and enjoy their evening. But dinner parties for a host look somewhat like this: shopping, cooking cleaning, serving, stressing, prepping, and when it’s all said and done – clean some more. Using our service removes the stress of the dinner aspect so all you need to worry about is the party part, especially for a special occasion.

3.     Mix It Up

Everyone has a go to dish that they love to prepare and anyone who knows them well has had it countless times. Trying something new keeps things interesting. That’s why anyone goes out to dinner in the first place, right? To mix it up. Put down the cook book, turn off the Food Network and book Luxe Fete Social!  Designer table settings and beautiful food? Yes Please. 

4.     Privacy

Sometimes a special occasion or dinner really does call for privacy, and even comfort, which is extremely difficult to achieve in a restaurant setting. The hustle and bustle of a restaurant takes away from the intimacy of a dinner. Dining privately in your own home brings the exclusivity factor to an all time high, and really gives you and your guests an opportunity to be present and enjoy.

5.     Inflated Wine Prices

If you’re a person who appreciates good wine, then you know how much a good bottle or two will cost you while dining out at a restaurant. In most cases, a good bottle of wine will cost more than your meal. No inflated wine prices over here. We recommend bottles that you can buy and offer you a discount through our national wine partner.